Global Crises in the Skagit

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global tragedy, from Skagit County to County Cork, from Kolkata to Kenya. In response, a multiplicity of strict national and regional rules have arisen all over the world. We have no choice. The alternative is sickness and death. Fortunately …

County Commissioner Meddles In Mount Vernon Mayor Race?

Last Fall’s election is over. In Mount Vernon, the incumbent, Jill Boudreau, won a third term as Mayor against challenger Sarah Nuanes. But questions remain unanswered about County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt’s role in recruiting and supporting a candidate in the hope of unseating Mayor Boudreau. What is the evidence that a sitting County Commissioner meddled in a Mount Vernon political race, and why?

Public Records Requests to Skagit County yield blackout and then deluge of irrelevant data

In 2019, Home Rule Skagit, a local organization working for transparency, accountability, and broader representation in Skagit County government made Public Records Requests to look at particular County records related to the campaign they had conducted in 2018. In response to their first request, the 732 documents received from Skagit County Public Information Officer Cori Russell were almost completely blacked out, sometimes including the dates. In response to a second request, 7.128 gigabytes of information were turned over having little to do with the materials requested. What is going on?

Candidate Eligibility – who is watching?

A recent problem with the Mount Vernon mayoral race has raised an important issue regarding how candidates file for office and who verifies their eligibility for that office. The issue is larger than this one election and we should all be informed.

A Missed Opportunity

When elected leaders choose to avoid transparency and deny citizen involvement, we need to ask why. An important recent example illustrates this too familiar pattern in Skagit County government. This year, the crucial job of County Administrator was filled without the opportunity for residents to hear from the candidates, learn about them, or share with our County Commissioners ideas about a position that affects us all. We’re once again left with the impression that the Commissioners prefer the people of Skagit County just quietly pay their county taxes and then show no interest in government. Why is the County Administrator position important to all Skagit residents? Read on.