Climate Change? Affordable Housing? Skagit County Comp Plan Is Getting an Update

The Washington State Growth Management Act shapes Skagit County’s present and future. Enacted in 1990, the GMA guides cities and counties to plan for population growth while guarding rural areas from unplanned and out-of-control development.
2025 is Skagit’s year, which means the groundwork and planning have begun. The GMA mandates that counties involve the public and public feedback in their process.

Skagit County Declines to Pursue Grant to Address Sea Level Rise

For the last decade and a half, I and other Skagit residents have urged Skagit County to address sea level rise planning in its Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) update. Most recently, as it became clear that the County’s SMP update would not include sea level rise (SLR) planning, many began to push for an alternative. This summer it seemed the County had heard us.

Guemes Islanders Offer Another Chance to Get It Right on Water- Commissioners Punt

The long saga of failing wells on Guemes Island goes back to 1994. The sole source of fresh water for island residents is an aquifer that has been jeopardized by unchecked drilling of new wells. As the population of Guemes has grown, and new wells are drilled by new property owners, existing wells have been corrupted by seawater intrusion making the water unsafe for human consumption. Since then, Guemes Islanders worked to get Skagit County to find a solution to protect the aquifer. They have been continually thwarted in their efforts. In 2022, they tried again.