Climate Change? Affordable Housing? Skagit County Comp Plan Is Getting an Update

The Washington State Growth Management Act shapes Skagit County’s present and future. Enacted in 1990, the GMA guides cities and counties to plan for population growth while guarding rural areas from unplanned and out-of-control development.
2025 is Skagit’s year, which means the groundwork and planning have begun. The GMA mandates that counties involve the public and public feedback in their process.

Skagit County Declines to Pursue Grant to Address Sea Level Rise

For the last decade and a half, I and other Skagit residents have urged Skagit County to address sea level rise planning in its Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) update. Most recently, as it became clear that the County’s SMP update would not include sea level rise (SLR) planning, many began to push for an alternative. This summer it seemed the County had heard us.

Censured for Disloyalty? Skagit Planning Commission Changes Bylaws

For Skagit citizens who watched the Planning Commission’s (PC) controversies in 2021 unfold, it seemed it was bound to happen. The new rewrite of PC bylaws enshrines the PC’s power to censure their members. That power was not included in their bylaws when they actually did severely reprimand one of their members through censure in 2021 before they gave themselves the authority to do so.

Essential Housing for Essential Workers Key to Skagit’s Rural Future

Skagit County is at a crossroads. For years, we have been protected by our geography from surrounding pressures to convert agricultural, forest, and river resources to urban uses. However, in just the last few years Skagit County has experienced several existential threats and we can expect more as climate changes make the Pacific Northwest both more attractive and more vulnerable.

Skagit Citizens Press for Accountability, Transparency in Planning Commissioner Appointments

A series of puzzling, and at times controversial, decisions and actions by the Skagit County Planning Commission led to a push for more transparency from County Commissioners regarding the process of Planning Commissioner appointments. A group of Skagit citizens from Home Rule Skagit, as well as local Good Government advocates, are behind that push. There have been small successes in this process, but more needs to be done. At a time when issues of growth are so crucial, the Planning Commission often seems to be in the driver’s seat of the county’s future.