Skagit Scoop is an independent blog focused on concerns and issues related to local government in Skagit County. Skagit Scoop seeks to inform the public generally, and to investigate the functioning of county government in particular with a combination of reporting and commentary, to shine a light on what decisions are made, and how those decisions impact Skagit County residents.

Skagit Scoop is a grassroots endeavor undertaken by interested members of the community.  The inspiration for the Scoop came out of the experience some of our team had talking with thousands of Skagit voters during the 2018 campaign for a county charter. Those conversations illuminated a knowledge gap among Skagit residents, and revealed a lack of accessible information about how county government operates. 

No person affiliated with Skagit Scoop receives financial compensation for their contributions to the ongoing project.  

The views and values of each writer do not necessarily reflect the views and values of other writers or the Skagit Scoop team  All articles posted on Skagit Scoop will include full author attribution.  

Skagit Scoop’s editorial team comprises members whose regular roles in the blog (editors, webmasters, etc.) support the broader mission statement in practical ways.

Brenda Cunningham, a Mount Vernon resident for past 27 years, is a retired biologist, and manages a native plant display garden in Skagit for the Washington Native Plant Society.

Eric Hall, retired Director of Technology for Northwest Educational Service District was born in Bellingham, and has been a resident of Skagit for thirty years.

Christie Stewart Stein has farmed just west of Mount Vernon for 25 years. Her volunteer engagement in the community has included working with homeless women, farmworkers and Spanish-speaking immigrants, and aspiring young farmers.