Affordable Housing for Skagit County: Part Two

In crafting solutions to meet the need for affordable housing in our county, we should do this while maintaining the character of Skagit County. By taking charge of the problem, we have the ability to preserve what we love about Skagit County while responding to the very real needs of the people who live here.

Guemes Islanders’ Drinking Water (and Health) Still at Risk

For Guemes Island residents, the only source of fresh water for most household use are three naturally occurring underground aquifers. Up until 1994, these aquifers supplied all the fresh water needed to support the families of Guemes. Everything changed when wells began to fail because of salt water intrusion. For the last 26 years, Skagit County has failed to implement steps needed to protect Guemes Island’s water supply.

Who’s Funding Who in Skagit County Races? Follow the Money

As we open our ballots and ponder who should get our valuable vote we should spend a bit of time exploring a free resource at our fingertips, the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) website The PDC is a state agency that houses the information candidates and political committees are required to report about donations to their campaigns and how they have spent the funds.

Global Crises in the Skagit

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global tragedy, from Skagit County to County Cork, from Kolkata to Kenya. In response, a multiplicity of strict national and regional rules have arisen all over the world. We have no choice. The alternative is sickness and death. Fortunately …

County Commissioner Meddles In Mount Vernon Mayor Race?

Last Fall’s election is over. In Mount Vernon, the incumbent, Jill Boudreau, won a third term as Mayor against challenger Sarah Nuanes. But questions remain unanswered about County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt’s role in recruiting and supporting a candidate in the hope of unseating Mayor Boudreau. What is the evidence that a sitting County Commissioner meddled in a Mount Vernon political race, and why?